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At ZAM, innovation and knowledge walk hand in hand. We have a professionally competent team of experts whose prime consideration is to fulfill customer specific requirements.

ZAM was created with the visionary in mind: someone intimately involved with his business, driven to succeed and who wants business management software to transform their business. We ensure correct fit, interact with appropriate technology, review and streamline business processes and educate staff , all while applying our proven project delivery methodologies. And most importantly, we involve our clients at every step.

An ability to innovate, a high level of technical expertise and a strong commitment to our customers success give ZAM its competitive edge in delivering complete end-to-end solutions that meet a variety of business and technology requirements. Our software development and IT services help you meet deadlines, accelerate time to market, conform to the highest quality standards and provide you the highly skilled resources you need to maintain your competitive edge. All this, while you continue to remain cost efficient and focus on the business of growing your business.

In today’s fast paced global economy, companies’ business issues are ever changing, requiring adaptability in order to stay competitive and maintain profitability. Businesses must share information quickly not only within their own organization but also externally up and down the supply chain. Many businesses have a maze of information silos that don’t communicate with each other. And the complexity and cost of maintaining information is ever increasing. ZAM specialises in SAP, the market-leading business software solution for small and mid-sized enterprises.

Four fundamental objectives guide the operation of our business:

  • To use our expertise to the benefit of our clients and partners through an open, collaborative approach.

  • To ensure sustainable and profitable long-term growth.

  • To provide a return on investment to shareholders.

  • To promote employee development.

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