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Z Connector Solution

The Z Connector is designed to further enhance and upgrade the functions and effectiveness of existing ERP systems. The system encapsulates ERP integration functionality within Servlets and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB).
Many companies have already made massive investments in their initial implementation of Enterprise Resource Management System (ERMS). Hence subsequently, they are looking at ways to maximize and optimize their investment in ERP. Among the key issues or challenges faced by customers today are:

  • High TURNOVER of staff due to global demand, and better opportunities elsewhere.
  • High COST of staff in the Department (staff salary, workstations, training, and administrative costs).
  • Many HR ISSUES when dealing especially with SAP staff, e.g. higher pay, skills development, productivity, grievances, absences, and career progression.
  • Will never have the RIGHT SAP SKILLS with the right experience and knowledge at the required time.
  • Need many ERP RESOURCES only during projects and peaks, not operationally.
  • Not able to get ASSISTANCE from service providers due to “small job, not interested” reply.

ZAM Integrated Financials Solution

ZAM Integrated Financials Solution is specifically designed and developed to provide users with financial visibility to front office system, whereby the users such as warehouse operators and freight forwarders can view the credit status before the jobs are accepted.

The Solution contains a fully integrated intelligence feature, utilizing OLAP tools, enabling users to undertake sophisticated analysis of business software. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) is a category of database software, which provides an interface such that users can transform or limit raw data according to user?defined or pre?defined functions, and quickly and interactively examine the results in various dimensions of the data. In other words, it is a function of business intelligence software that enables a user to easily and selectively extract and view data from different points of view.

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